• Are you ready to shed your winter weight & boost your stamina?
  • Tired of struggling with cravings but love to eat delicious food?
  • Are you aware of your toxic load in these toxic times?
  • Do you need to decrease inflammation and increase energy?

Rejuvenate: A TrulyFood Spring Cleanse

If you answered "YES!" to any of those questions, you won't want to miss this unique opportunity to REJUVENATE yourself for SPRING.

  • conquer your cravings
  • reduce your toxic load
  • increase nutrient availability
  • feel younger, stronger, & lighter within 1 week!

Prioritize Your Health Now!

Why Cleanse?

A cleanse is your opportunity to slow down ~ to quiet what's coming into your body, and to ACTIVATE YOUR SYSTEMS OF DETOXIFICATION & ELIMINATION, ultimately resulting in the benefits you desire ~ a cleaner & leaner body.

In the winter you naturally consume heavier foods and remain more sedentary. Toxins accumulate in your fat cells. This makes it difficult for your liver to do its job. Right now your liver is working extra hard to process the excessive toxic exposures of our times.

Spring is the ideal time to cleanse. It offers the chance to REFRESH & PURIFY. It's the season traditionally associated with regeneration.

Spring also allows you to find that balance of moderating your (dietary) input while energizing your (physiological) output.

Seasonal cleansing is one key in your PATH TO OPTIMAL HEALTH.

“No starving, just the opposite, yummy eats - and to top it off, I lost weight and that's saying a lot because losing weight after 45 ain't easy."

I loved my first TrulyFood cleanse last season! The experience was great for my mind, body and soul. I paid attention to my digestion and learned a lot about what I need to do to keep my body moving properly. Plus, I finished the cleanse with more energy than I've had in a long time. Oh and the recipes...they were so yummy! I can't say enough about them. I ate my way through this cleanse. My fridge has never been so full! No starving, just the opposite, yummy eats! And to top it off, I lost weight and that's saying a lot because losing weight after 45 ain't easy. I've easily incorporated a few of the cleanse tips into my daily protocol. The TrulyFood cleanses keep on giving. I can't wait for the next one! Sign me up now!
~ Deanne Josephson, Boston, MA

Got Cleansing Questions? Check out our Rejuvenate FAQ sheet.

Your investment includes all of the following!

  • 90 minute class with teachings about cleansing, the body's systems, and navigating the week and the protocol
  • daily protocol for the entire week
  • delicious recipes to choose from
  • options for ease and intensity
  • handouts to help guide you through the cleanse
  • list of supplies to assist you with the protocol
  • instructions for purchase of any recommended supplements
  • online support from Andrea & her functional nutrition team throughout the week!

“I lost 5 pounds and have permanently released some old issues which were getting in the way of releasing more weight.”

As an alternative health practitioner I've done plenty of cleanses in my life. The most transformative cleanse I've ever done was Andrea Nakayama & Andrea Livingston’s TrulyFood Cleanse. By the end of the week I had permanently changed some lifelong eating habits, changed some foods I was eating, and changed my mind about the role of raw and blended food in my life. Best of all I lost 5 pounds and have permanently released some old issues which were getting in the way of releasing more weight. I was enjoying it so much I did a second week!
~ Nina Price, Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist, Wellness Coach, Palo Alto, CA

What You'll Learn:

  • How and why to cleanse your body through the season.
  • Which foods boost your body's ability to detoxify, feel lean, and recapture energy.
  • Which herbs activate the pathways of detoxification and elimination.
  • How to feel nourished, well-fed, and eat delicious food even while cleansing.
  • What superfoods are, and how and why to include certain ones in your diet.
  • What additional practices to engage in throughout the week to amplify your body's ability to detoxify.

This season join Andrea Nakayama of Replenish PDX to find the 7-Day cleansing path appropriate for YOUR body.

Andrea Nakayama's nutritional expertise, combined with chef Andrea Livingston's recipes, will bring you a comprehensive protocol & support system that promises to enliven, invigorate & rejuvenate your body, mind, & spirit. It'll give your liver the helping hand it's been waiting for.

Whether you're new to cleansing or are a seasoned cleanser, whether in PDX or NYC or wherever you may be, you'll find your needs met with menu plans, practices, and daily guidance.

You'll identify the foods that make you feel heavy, bloated, and inflamed; activate your systems of digestion and detoxification; and boost your energy and metabolism. Your liver and your warm weather clothes will thank you!

Grab a friend and cleanse together. You can trade off the shopping and food prep and have your own personal support system!

If you’re unhappy with the Rejuvenate Spring Cleanse for any reason, let me know by 5/17/2017, and I’ll fully refund your purchase. Notify my Support Team of your decision at support@replenishpdx.com.